My New Personal Brand


In an ever competitive world, your identity is crucial to standing out and ensuring you're remembered. It goes far beyond just the visuals, but all the way to the core of what you do and the values you do them with. To ensure these are represented for myself I have worked hard on what matters to me, and how I would like to be perceived.

To begin the journey, I focused on what I wanted people to think of when they saw or heard of me, and from there I could then develop my brand to stand for something far more than just to show off. It's something to be proud of and to be remembered for.


With that in mind I set out to create my very own personal brand, which would showcase exactly who I am and what I stand for. This would be the pre curser to what I can do. By focusing on the values that I wanted to bring to the table in whatever engagement that may be, I managed to outline a clear brief for my brand to be bold, innovative and reliable. These values would resinate through everything produced for the site to ensure it was successful in portraying me correctly.

I began the journey by deciding to keep to my core colours, Black and white represent me completely, they are absolute, which is the way I like to work. While not always an option, it is a preference and this enables me to ensure quick decision making and problem solving to deliver the best possible outcome.


By selecting a modern font for all of the main titles and my own logo, it would ensure I stood out from the crowd. I wanted something that was modern - that way it could relate to my work in technology and ensure it was a long lasting piece that wouldn't need to be updated often. With that in mind I chose Bebas Neue for the font, while very modern it has a quality and strength to it that showcases the starting point.

So as not to be too in your face and to take the edge off the Sans serif font, I chose to couple this with Capitolina, which as a very nice Serif font it worked well with Bebas Neue to create an interesting look, while not being too aggressive. With the selection of both my colours and the fonts I then set to work to create a layout that would work well for all of my digital content. Not being a business my need to print was minimal, so I could be flexible here.


As is already evident from this blog page (if you're on a desktop) I have elected to follow a dual column format, which allows for the text to become of visual interest alongside the images that I will be selecting to work with. That way I can build more interesting articals for a hopefully growing community.