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Quick-thinking, sharp and dynamic, Kent’s skills and accolades are as wide and vast as his experience. It is one thing to pursue a cause with vigour and tenacity; it is quite another to complement such qualities with a unique commitment and unparalleled originality, something that sets Kent apart from his peers and guarantees a solid, firm work-base combined with unbounded creativity.

The mundane, the repetitive, the already-done-before – he has no interest in them and they have no interest in him. After all, isn’t the purpose of life to keep pushing through the barriers? To explore? To strive towards greater and better things? To do away with the old and grasp firmly the new? To be derivative is to set oneself up for failure and Kent fully understands this. One may wonder where his strong sense of introspective idealism stems from and it would not be injudicious to suggest that his high-functioning Aspergers has greatly contributed to this. Sweeping away any pre-misconceptions one might have, Kent uses the very best of his Aspergers by combining a unique, positive outlook with a tenacious drive and strong will that challenges the status quo.


Kent’s memory is quite extraordinary, able to recall the finer details and at very great length. His accomplishments to date are applaudable and fully deserving of the plaudits he has received.


Whether it’s as winner of the Young Business Person of the Year at the Leamington Business Awards 2017 or winner of the 2010 Best Show at Warwickshire College, Kent takes great pride in his achievements and puts one hundred per cent into everything he does. Working as an IT Professional has sharpened his skills, motivating him to plunge forward and offer innovative, challenging ideas to his work place. And yet, Kent believes that the combination of art and science is a marriage that deserves no divorce; he is also the founder of MAGiK ARtS, a successful business that delivers services and websites to entrepreneurs. Having launched during Kent’s seemingly carefree days at university and starting off as an enthused passion, MAGiK ARtS has morphed into a triumphant endeavour, thriving throughout the Leamington Spa area.


Excelling in finance, sales, marketing, director level management, international project delivery, negotiation skills and technical understanding to name a few, Kent’s gaps in knowledge, sufficiency and reliability in his specialised area are few and far between. A one-man band, prodigious in his ability, Kent accepts that life is a constant learning curve and the desire to improve, nurture and harness these abilities is never far from his mind. Always eager to learn and teach in equal measure, Kent is a business entity of his own. He also has no problem stepping up when everything seems to be crashing down around him. In August 2016, while working for Calor Gas as an IT Graduate, Kent used his multitude of skills to help run the data migration, system and user acceptance testing, an area that his contemporaries found challenging and at times bewildering. Not so for Kent, for he accepted the challenges that faced him with great aplomb, rising to the ranks and exceeding all expectations.




And let’s not forget cars! One of his greatest passions, cars present a limitless source of intrigue and inspiration; a parallel can be drawn between Man’s great motor machine and Kent’s mind. Like a car, Kent’s innovation is the engine that fuels the fire; with regular maintenance, hard work and a desire for excellence in every area of his life, there can be no doubt that this is one human automobile that will run for many years to come.

Kent is a smart quick learner. Proactive, resourceful and engaged. A hard worker who gets things done.
— Jan


Solution Design
Project Management
Product Delivery
Process Refinement
Business Change
Risks & Issues
Business Awards

Quality Assurance
User Experience (UX)
User Interface (UI)
Training Delivery


Young Business Person of the Year 2017

Expo Tees 2013

Media Student of the Year 2010

Best in Show 2010